Producers Vs Consumers

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

As we all know, plants are natural producers of food, as well humans were always the consumers. According to Forbes global economy stat countries like India, USA and China have increased their country's economy by 3.6% by building great, gigantic buildings . Everybody celebrated as if it was 4 of July but, nobody saw the downfall of the food production stat. On one side when countries' economy and population was increasing, on the other side the global food production stat decreased by 10.3%.

That's because nobody , not a single person realizes the fact that they are destroying food producing forests and farms to build a luxurious buildings and cities . But they don't understand they first need to live to enjoy their luxury.

Coming to the population of humongous countries like India and China , they have a great population and economy but for the increasing population to be healthy and to move on they need food. On one hand the consumers , the number of people who consume are increasing and one the other hand the guardians, the producing plants which give us food to keep us alive are being cut down by "US". And if we question them they tell us a retro excuse that the forest isn't inhabited with food producing plants but they also know the fact that the

the wildlife which inhabits there migrates and will become the humus of the food producing plants , so now by destroying the habitat of the animals which become the humus of the plants and also we don't actually take special care of the ' food producing plants'.

So we are a bunch of sadists who kill a organism which gives us life in these many ways .

"India has one of the biggest timber production as well as bigger population"

"So please stop cutting trees down and do not support it , plants support us in a million ways why can't we just pour them a glass of water everyday and let them live "

Thank you!

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