Meat: Balanced diet

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Balanced diet

Balanced diet is one of the main aspects for maintaining a good health. It helps you to increase your energy,improve your body functions, strengthen your immune system and helps maintain weight.

Components of a balanced diet

For a diet to be balanced it needs to consist of many components like :

  • Carbohydrates (potato,rice)

  • Protein (carrot,peas)

  • Vitamins (lemon,meat)

  • Minerals (orange,water)

  • Calcium (milk,leafy vegetables)


Meat is one of main components of a balanced diet but, vegetarians won't be getting this bundle of protein ,vitamins and carbohydrates. So companies like beyond meat have started to produce plant-based meat which just consists of beets,carrots,peas,potatoes,coconut oil and apple juice. But tastes , smells exactly the same. Some non vegetarians might object this but believe me it does.

And also it takes way less water compared to red meat (For more details visit our blog on water) . And it also contains higher ammount of nutrients compared to red meat.

So please destroy the guilt of killing a living being and start eating plant based meat which is exactly the same "AND EVEN BETTER"

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