A2 milk: The elixir for the mankind

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Milk contains 85% water. The remaining 15% is the milk sugar lactose, protein, fat and minerals. Beta-casein is about 30% of the protein content in milk . A2 milk is the only and only milk which contains only A2 type beta casein whereas, A1 milk contains A1 beta casein or A1A2 type variant. A1 protein variant is commonly found in milk which is produced by crossbred and Europeans breed of cattle like : Jersey, Holstein Friesian, Brown swiss. A2 milk is generally found in indigenous cows like : Gir, Shahiwal, Red sindhi.

While foreign countries like : America , China, Brasil are dumping millions of litres of A1 milk into the ocean the ironical thing is that India is selling 10 lac litres of A1 milk " per day " which is really harmful to the people who are consuming it. Developed countries like USA are not insensible to dump that much quantity of milk into the ocean but, they know that the milk from cows which produce A1 milk is harmful because they are the people who created this genetically bred breed of cow. The breeds like Jersey and H.F were first meat animals which they were solely used for beef and meat. But eventually they tagged it as a milking cattle which is a blunder! An A2 milk producing cow eats around 30 kgs of fodder everyday produces around 3 litres of milk whereas , a Jersey cow eats approximately 40 kgs of fodder per day and produces 18-23 litres of milk everyday. Some of the differences are given below:

A2 milk has a history of medicinal properties and healing abilities, A2 milk has been proven that it helps prevent and destroy diseases like cancer, attention disorders .

Whereas , even A1 milk was proven that too by WHO but it was proved that " it causes and increases the growth of cancer in humans". So go for the best milk do not hesitate about anything when it comes to your health.

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